Songs of Many Nations


Madame Curie

Academic Industries, Inc.

Martin Luther King, Jr., A Picture Book

Adler, David

Martin Luther King, Jr. Free at Last

Adler, David

All the Colors of Race

Adoff, Arnold

Black is Brown is Tan

Adoff, Arnold

Whose Birthday is it Anyway?


The Jewish Junior Encyclopedia

Ben-Asher & Leaf

Michel of Switzerland

Buckley, Peter

Iggie's House

Blume, Judy

The Whispering Rabbit & Other Stories

Brown, Margaret

Wagon Wheels

Brenner, Barbara

Return of the Sun: Native American Tales

Bruhac, Joseph

El Rey

Bruna, Dick

Keepers of the Earth: Native American Stories

Caduto, Michael

Menorahs, Mezuzas, & Other Jewish Symbols

Chaikim, Miriam

The Story & Meaning of Passover

Chaikim, Miriam

La Escalera Magica

Chew, Ruth

Rainbow Jordan

Childress, Alice

Harriet Tubman Feb. 1981, Vol 2 No 2

Cobblestone Magazine

The Anti-Slavery Movement Feb. 1993, Vol 14 No 2

Cobblestone Magazine

Mr. Rumples Recycles

Coltharpe, Barbara Anne

Grandmother's Pictures

Cornish, Sam

First Snow

Coutant & Vo-Dinh

Spelling: Words & Skills

Cramer, Hammond

The Divorce Express

Danziger, Paula

Meet Martin Luther King, Jr.

deKay, James T.

My First Passover

DePaola, T.

Josephine's Imagination

Dobrin, Arnold

The Moonlight Bride

Emecheta, Buchi

The Wrestling Match

Emecheta, Buchi

All About Jewish Holidays and Customs

Epstein, Morris

History of Women For Children

Epstein, Vivian Sheldon

What it's Like to Be Me

Exley, Helen

Sojourner Truth

Ferris, Jeri

Young People From Bosnia Talk About War

Fireside & Fireside

How My Parents Learn to Eat


Family Pictures

Garza, C.

Fiesta; El Cinco de Mayo

Garza, C.

Champions of Change


The Life of Matthew Henson

Golden Legacy Magazine

A Country Far Away

Gray, Nigel

Desmond Tutu: Bishop of Peace

Greene, Carol

First Pink Light

Greenfield, E.

Me and Neesie

Greenfield, E.

Nathaniel Talking

Greenfield, E.

Talk About a Family

Greenfield, E.

Dolls in National and Folk Costume

Greenhowe, Jean

The Journey

Hamanka, S.

A New True Book: China

Jacobsen, Karen

A New True Book: Korea

Jacobsen, Karen

A New True Book: South Africa

Jacobsen, Karen

A New True Book: Thailand

Jacobsen, Karen

A Wave in Her Pocket


Jamaica's Find

Havil, J.

Jamaica Tag-Along

Havil, J.

The Day of Ahmed's Secret

Heide, F.

Afro-Bets; ABC Book

Hudson, C.

Leaders of the New Africa

Kaula, Edna Mason

Nancy Drew en La Poseda de las Lilas

Keene, Carolyn

Kenya, Jambo

Klyce, K.

Jafta's Father

Lewin, H.


Lukso & Unano

Jewish Holidays and Festivals

Margolis & Markowitz

Lost at the Fair: A Story Set in India

Mathieson, Feroza

The Missing Money

Mathieson, Feroza

The Very Hot Samosas

Mathieson, Feroza

The Hundred Penny Box

Mathis, Sharon

The 7 Days of Kwanzaa

Medeans, Angela Shelf

Rockabye Baby

Miller, C.


Morris, A.

Ashanti to Zulu: African Traditions

Musgrove, M.



Heather Has Two Mommies

Newman & Souza

My Name is Not Angelica


The People Shall Continue

Ortiz, Simon

Jesse Jackson


All Fall Down

Oxenbury, Helen

Friends Together

Pollard, N.

Myths and Legends of the Haida Indians of Northwest

Reid, Martine

Akimba and the Magic Cow

Rose, A.

Langston Hughes

Rummel, Jack

Baby Sister

Sachs, D.

My Very Own Haggadah (A Seder Service for Yound Children)

Saypol & Wikler

My Ancestors Are From Africa

Schreiner, Nikki Bryson

Jackie Robinson

Scott, R.

Make a Joyful Sound

Slier, D.

The Negro in America

Spangler, Earl

Call it Courage



Steptoe, J.

Teaser and the Fire Cat

Steven, Cat

You Can Say "No" To Drugs

Super, Gretchen

Mississippi Bridge

Taylor, M.

Peoples of the World

Trundle, R.

Sing Children, Sing


The Book of Holidays Around the World

van Straalen, Alice

La Historia de Ana

Vasquez, Martinez

Games to Play

Verstraete, Elaine

Journey of the Planets

Voyager Education Product

Journey to Exotic Land Animals

Voyager Education Product

Journey to Things in Space

Voyager Education Product

Have a Happy

Walter, M.

Chinese Eyes

Waybill, Marjorie Ann

Bird Song

Wood, Audrey

Nine-in-One, Grr! Grr!

Xiong, B.

The Little Tree Growin' in the Shade

Yargrough, Camille

Crow Boy

Yashima, Taro

Leo & Blossom's Sukah

Zalben, J.

Jake & Honeybunch go to Heaven

Zemach, M.

William's Doll

Zolotow, Charlotte





Black History; Activity & Enrichment Handbook


A Coloring Book of Ancient Africa

Bellerophon Books

A Coloring Book of Ancient Egypt

Bellerophon Books

Afro Bets Coloring & Activity Book


An All New Holiday

Clip Art Collection

Black Achievers Activity Book - Great Women

Dakin, Eli

Black Achievers Activity Book - In Space

Dakin, Eli

Crafts For Fun: Using Recycled & Everyday Items

Rich, Virginia

Famous Black Americans Grades K-1, 1-2

Frank Schaffer Publications

How To Make A Trictionary

A.R.T.S., Inc.

Masks of Africa Coloring Book



Sakata, Hideaki

The Alternate Celebrations Catalogue

Shannon-Thornberry, Milo

The Color Your Way Into Black History Book

Sealy, A.V.

The Kwanzaa coloring Book

Banks, V.J.R.

The Wonderful World of Difference K-8 Human Relations Program