The O. Henry Awards

Abrahams, William

Expecting Adam:A True Story of Birth, Rebirth, and Everyday Magic

Beck, Martha

Revolt of the Idiots

Blatt, Burton

Mourning the Death of Magic

Boyd, Blanche McGrary

Adulthood Rites

Butler, Octavia E.


Butler, Octavia E.

American Short Story Masterpieces

Carver & Jenks, eds.


Dillon & Hamilton

Light In August

Faulkner, William

Past Due: A Story of Disability, Pregnancy & Birth

Finger, Anne

Legal Tender: A Mystery

Foster, Marion

Free Ride

Gayle, Marilyn

The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith

Keneally, Thomas

At the Bottom of the River

Kincaid, Jamaica

Metropolitan Life

Lebowitz, Fran

Social Studies

Lebowitz, Fran

A Nation of Sheep


The Ugly American


Reflex and Bone Structure

Major, Clearance

Shiloh and Other Stories

Mason, Bobbie Ann

The Pyramid Climbers

Packard, B.

The Talking Turtle-folk Tales

Randolph, W.

A Woman Named Solitude



Siddons, Anne Rivers

Leave a Light on For Me

Swallow, Jean E.

Cry Wolf

Tourette, Aileen La





For Sylvia, An Honest Account

Ackland, Valentine

Before Our Eyes

Alden, Joan


Allison, Dorothy

Po Man's Child

Blackman, Marci

The Threshing Floor

Burford, Barbara

Stardust Bound

Cadora, Karen

Silverleaf's Choice: An Anthology of Lesbian Humor

Carr & Larson


Catrell, Georgia

The Wolf Ticket (2 copies, see European Am. Fiction)

Clark, Caro

Tender Warriors (2 copies-see American Women)

DeVries, Rachel Guido

Surpassing the Love of Men

Faderman, Lillian

Relax! Gay Cartoons

Fiala, Ortleb

The Other Sappho

Frye, Ellen

Good Moon Rising

Garden, Nancy

The Well of Loneliness

Hall, Radclyffe

Take Me to the Underground

Hansen, Renee

Women on Women: An Anthology of American Lesbian Short Fiction

Holoch & Nestle, eds.

A Crystal Diary

Huclenbroich, Frankie

Running Fiercely Toward a High Thin Sound

Katz, Judith

The Escape Artist

Katz, Judith

Horseshoe Sky

Koger, Catherine

The Worry Girl

Lowensteing, Andrea Freud

May West is Dead

Mars-Jones, Adam

Just Say Yes

McDaniel, Judith

Staying the Distance

McMahon, Franci

The Rooms We Make Our Own

Mirosevich, Toni

Getting Home Alive

Morales & Morales

A Letter to Harvey Milk: Short Stories

Newman, Lesle'a

Good Enough to Eat

Newman, Lesle'a

Rebellion Essays 1980-1991

Pratt, Minnie Bruce


Robson, Ruthann

Eye of a Hurricane

Robson, Ruthann

Sister Safety Pin

Spreecher, Lorrie

Nuns and Mothers

Tourette, Aileen La

The Same Sea As Every Summer

Tusquets, Esther





Great Short Stories By American Women Candace & Ward, eds.
Madam Fate Douglas, Marcia
Don't Explain Gomez, Jewelle
Ariadnes's Thread: A Collection of Contemporary Women's Journals Lifshin, Lyn
Short Fiction by Women #s 1&6 Marcus & Whalen
In Love & Trouble; Stories of Black Women Walker, Alice
You Can't Keep A Good Woman Down Walker, Alice
Midnight Birds: Stories of Contemporary Women Writers Washington, Mary Helen
Les Gue'rilleres Wittig, Monique
The Opoponax Wittig, Monique
The Big Mama Stories Youngblood, Shay





Black Expressions: Essays by Black Americans in the Creative Arts a
Midnight Birds: Stories of Contemporary Black Women a
Arrow of God Achebe, Chinua
Things Fall Apart Achebe, Chinua
All God's Children Need Traveling Shoes Angelou, Maya
Gather Together In My Name Angelou, Maya
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Angelou, Maya
Obsidian II: Black Lit. in Review, Winter 1989 Baker, Bruhac, Chennault
Another Country Baldwin, James
Blues For Mister Charlie Baldwin, James
Nobody Knows My Name Baldwin, James
Notes of a Native Son Baldwin, James
The Amen Corner Baldwin, James
The Evidence of Things Not Seen Baldwin, James
The Fire Next Time Baldwin, James
Gorilla, My Love Bambara, Toni
The Seabirds Are Still Alive Bambara, Toni
Brothers and Sisters Campbell, Bebe Moore
Your Blues Ain't Like Mine Campbell, Bebe Moore
Black Voices Chapman, Abraham ed.
William Styron's Nat Turner: Ten Black Writers Respond Clarke, John
Segu Conde', Maryse
Rivers of Blood, Years of Darkness Conot, Robert
Krik? Krak Danticat, Edwidge
Ten Seconds Edwards, Louis
Invisible Man Ellison, Ralph
Shadow and Act Ellison, Ralph
The Bride Price Emecheta, Buchi
The Family Emecheta, Buchi
The Joys of Motherhood Emecheta, Buchi
The Rape of Shari Emecheta, Buchi
The Last King of Scotland Foden, Giles
Three Negro Classics Franklin, John
A Gathering of Old Men Gaines, Earnest
A Lesson Before Dying Gaines, Earnest
In My Father's House Gaines, Earnest
Frangipani House Gilroy
July's People Gordimer, Nadine
Black Rage (2 copies, see Af. Am. Experience) Grier, W.
Thereafter Johnnie Herron, Carolivia
A Rage in Harlem Himes, Chester
The Return of Simple Hughes, Langston
Eva's Man Jones, Gayle
Liberating Voices Jones, Gayle
A Visitation of Spirits Kenan, Randal
Fire in My Bones King, C.
Congo Disaster Legum
Black on White Littlejohn, David
Crossing the Danger Water Mallone, Deidre
Brown Girl, Brownstones Marshall, Paule
Praisesong for the Widow Marshall, Paule
Moustapha's Eclipse McKnight, Reginald
Breaking Ice, An Anthology McMillan, Terry
Disappearing Acts McMillan, Terry
Mama McMillan, Terry
Jazz Morrison, Toni
Tar Baby Morrison, Toni
Black Betty Mosley, Walter
Devil In a Blue Dress Mosley, Walter
Gone Fishin' Mosley, Walter
In Corner B: Short Stories Mphabele, Bharati
Mama Day Naylor, Gloria
The Women of Brewster Place Naylor, Gloria
Sundiata Niane, D.T.
One is Enough Nwapa
God's Bits of Wood Ousmane
All-Bright Court Porter, C.
Mumbo Jumbo Reed, Ishmael
Reckless Eyeballing Reed, Ishmael
Modern African Prose Rive, Richard ed.
Betsey Brown Shange, Ntozake
Liliane Shange, Ntozake
Clover Sanders, Don
The African Assertion Shelton, A.
Family Linen Smith, Lee
Oral History Smith, Lee
Once Upon A Time When We Were Colored Taulbert, C.
Let the Circle Be Unbroken Taylor, Mildred
A Grain of Wheat Thiong, O'Ngugi
Cane Toomer, Jean
The Color Purple Walker, Alice
Jubilee Walker, M.
Brothers and Keepers Wideman, John Edgar
Eyes on the Prize Williams, J.
The Man Who Cried I Am Williams, John A.
Dessa Rose Williams, Shirley Anne
OUR Nig; or Sketches From the Life of a Free Black Wilson, Harriet E.
Uncle Tom's Children Wright, Richard





Falconara, A Family Odyssey


Le'gende; The Story of Philippa and Aure'lie

Allard, Jeannine

Sally Hemings

Chase-Riboud, Barbara

The Wolf Ticket (2 copies, see Gay/Lesbian Fiction)

Clark, Caro

Short Fiction by Irish Women Writers

De Salvo, Louise ed.

The Fires of Bride

Galford, Ellen

Schindler's List

Keneally, Thomas

Mount Allegro: A Memoir of Italian American Life

Mangione, Jerrie

The English Patient

Onadaatje, Michael

Tales of Trilussa- Translated From the Romanseco

Salustri, Carlo Alberto

Don't Look Round

Tretusis, Violet