Social Issues


25 Years on the Move  

Us and Them, A Hisory of Intolerance in America


United States of America, Rights For All


The Crisis of Resources


The Nature of Prejudice

Allport, Gordon

Race, Class & Gender

Andersen & Collins

The Closing Door; Conservative Policy & Black Opportunity

Ashkinaze & Orfield

And We Are Not Saved, The Elusive Quest for Racial Justice

Bell, Derrick

It Is So Ordered

Berman, Daniel M.

On a Move: The Story fo Mumia Adu-Jamal Bison, Terry

Yours In Struggle

Bulkin, Pratt, Smith

How Far We Slaves Have Come!

Castro & Mandela

Historians & Race

Cimbala, Himmelberg ed.


Colker, Ruth

Racism & Sexism: Responding To The Challenge

Contreras & Simms

Over the Hill: Reflections of Ageism Between Women (shelved at Women's Non-Fiction)

Copper, Baba

Rebellion or Revolution

Cruse, Harold

Women, Race & Class

Davis, Angela Y.

Slim's Table, Race, Respectability and Masculinity

Duneier, Mitchell

Everything in its Pathe

Erikson, Kai T.


Fredrickson, Pettigrew

The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness

Fromm, Erich

The Shadow That Scares Me

Gregory, Dick

Our Souls to Keep

Henderson, George

The Color of Words (An Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Ethnic Bias in the U.S.

Herbert, Philip H.

Thinking and Rethinking U.S. History

Horne, Gerald

The Myth of Cultural Deprivation

Keddie, Nell

The Revolution of Color

Malady, Thomas

Race-ing Justice, En-gendering Power

Morrison, Toni

The Status Seekers

Packard, Vance

Showing My Color; Impolite Essays on Race & Identity

Page, Clarence

Thinking Out Loud on the Personal, the Politcal, the Public & Private Me

Quindlen, Anna

American Race Relations Today

Raab, Earl

Sexism and Science

Reed, Evelyn

Race and Intelligence

Richardson, K.

We the People and Others

Ringer, Benjamin B.

Crisis in Black and White

Silberman, C.

Americans in Agriculture

Smith, Deborah Takiff

Before Color Prejudice

Snowden Jr., Frank M.

Transition, Black and Right, The New Conservatives

Soyinka, Wole ed.

Refusing To Be A Man

Stoltenberg, John


Turner et al

Race Matters

West, Cornell

Black Scare

Wood, Forest


In Our Own Way How Anti-Bias Work Shapes Our Lives Alvardo, Cecelia; Burnley, LaVita; Derman-Sparks, Louise; Hoffman, Eric; Jimenez, Linda Irene; Labyzon, June; Ramsey, Patricia; Unten, Annette; Wallace, Beth; Yasui, Barbara

Multicultural Education, Issues & Perspectives

Banks & Banks

Patterns of Culture: Analysis of Our Social Structure

Benedict, Ruth

Rethinking Our Classrooms: Teaching for Equity and Justice

Bigelow et al

Understanding Other Cultures

Brunn, Ina Corinne

Prejudice and Your Child

Clark, Kenneth B.

Children in Need, Strategies for the Educationally Disadvantaged

Committee for Economic Development

Future Vision Present Work Cronin, Sharon; Sparks, Louise Derman; Henry, Sharon; Olatunji, Cirecie; York, Stacey

Racial Healing

Dalton, Harlon L.

Other People's Children

Delpit, Lisa

Reflections on Multiculturalism

Eddy, Robert

Reducing Adolescent Prejudice

Gabelko & Michaelis

Concepts of Ethnicity

Gleason, Novak, Peterson

Managing Differences

Griggs, Copeland

The School and Group Identity

Herman, Judith

Multicultural Education

Hernandez, Hilda

Raising the Rainbow Generation

Hopson & Hopson

Equal Their Chances

Hunerberg, Kramer, Shapiro

Mainstreaming and the Minority Child

Jones, Reginald L.

White Awareness, Handbook for Anti-Racism Training

Katz, Judy H.

From Rage to Hope: Strategies for Reclaiming

Kendall, Crystal Kuy

Developing Positive Self-Images & Discipline in Black Children

Kunjufu, Jawanza

The Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys Vol. I, II

Kunjufu, Jawanza

To Be Popular or Smart: The Black Peer Group

Kunjufu, Jawanza

The Multicolored Mirror

Lindgren, Merri

Starting Out Right

McGinnis & Oehlberg

American Identities: Contemporary Multicultural Voices

Pack & Parini

Politics of the Heart, A Lesbian Parenting Anthology

Pollack & Vaughn

The Prejudice Book


Anti-Bias Curriculum Tools for Empowering Young Children Sparks, Louise Derman- and the A.B.C. Task Force

Non-sexist Education for Young Children

Sprung, Barbara

Survival Kit for Multicultural Living

Summerfield, Ellen



The Black Scholar, Funding the Black Community


Beyond Identity Politics; Emerging Social Justice Movements in Communities of Color

Anner, John , ed.

Protest is Not Enough: The Struggle of Blacks & Hispanics For Equality

Browning, Marshall & Tabb.

Moving the Mountain:Women Working for Social Change

Canatrow, Ellen

Leadership, Love & Aggression

Davis, Allison

Step By Step

Dowd & Nichols

I Ain't Comin Back: 1960's Rural South, Poverty and Racism

Chafe, William H.

Families in Peril, An Agenda for Social Change

Edelman, Marian

The Black Underclass

Glasgow, Douglas

The Politics of Black Empowerment

Jennings, James

On Call, Political Essays

Jordan, June

Stride Toward Freedom

King, Martin Luther

The Negro Revolt

Lomax, Louis

Sanctuary. A Guide for Understanding in the Central American Refuggees' Struggle (on Hispanic shelf)

MacEoin, Gary, ed.

9226 Kercheval

Milio, Nancy

The Torture of Mothers

Nelson, Truman

Justice Seekers, Peace Makers

True, Michael

Anything We Love Can Be Saved

Walker, Alice